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Best Coffee Beans: The Ultimate Coffee Bean Showdown – Top 5 Picks for 2024

Have you been wondering what the best coffee beans of 2024 are? Look no further.

My top five picks for the best coffee beans include exotic Brazilian Peaberry and the nuanced sweetness of Partner’s Brooklyn Roast.

My comprehensive reviews cut through the noise to bring you the real scoop on what makes these beans the cream of the crop, whether you take your coffee with cream or not.

Read on to discover which coffee will become your new morning champion.

Quick Overview of the Best Coffee Beans

  • Best for single-origin coffee is the Brazilian Peaberry from Volcanica.

  • Colombian Medium Roast from Amazon Fresh takes the crown for best medium roast coffee.

  • The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Volcanica is a favorite among single-origin coffees, winning over light and dark roast enthusiasts.

Stumptown’s Holler Mountain is my top pick for cold brew, and Partner’s Brooklyn Roast has been crowned as the best overall coffee.

Brazilian Peaberry from Volcanica – Best Single-Origin Coffee

Price: Amazon $17.99


  • Origin: Brazil

  • Type: Single-Origin

  • Roast: Medium


  • Rare and unique variety

  • Rich flavor with notes of hazelnut and raspberry

  • Rainforest Alliance and Kosher Certified


  • Limited availability due to rarity

  • It might be too complex for some tastes

The Brazilian Peaberry from Volcanica is a true gem in the world of coffee. It’s a rare variety, constituting only 5% of the coffee crop (Wow).

This medium-roast coffee offers a lower acidity than other coffees, significantly affecting the overall taste.

It comes from the southern region of Minas Gerais State in Brazil, and its distinctive qualities are deeply influenced by where it’s from and how it’s harvested.


  • Flavor: 8/10

  • Freshness: 9/10

  • Value for Money: 7/10

Colombian Medium Roast from Amazon Fresh – Best Medium Roast Coffee

Price: Amazon $17.45


  • Origin: Colombia

  • Type: Single-Origin

  • Roast: Medium


  • Rich flavor that satisfies even dark roast enthusiasts

  • Convenient availability through Amazon

  • Great value for money


  • Over roasted

Don’t underestimate the Colombian Medium Roast from Amazon Fresh. Despite being an online retail giant product, it has some good value.


  • Flavor: 7/10

  • Freshness: 7/10

  • Value for Money: 9/10

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Volcanica – Best Light and Dark Roast Coffee

Price: Amazon $17.99


  • Origin: Ethiopia

  • Organic


  • Offers medium roast

  • Fruity flavored


  • It might be too acidic for some

Despite its complexity, it makes a memorable cup for those of us who love a medium-body.


  • Flavor: 9/10

  • Freshness: 8/10

  • Value for Money: 8/10

Stumptown’s Holler Mountain – Best Coffee for Cold Brew

Price: Amazon $14.23


  • Blend: Holler Mountain

  • Roast: Medium


  • Balanced cup with notes of caramel, berries, and citrus

  • Great for cold brew


Stumptown’s Holler Mountain is a coffee that shines when brewed cold. The balanced cup features harmonious notes of:

  • caramel

  • berries

  • citrus

Despite its complex profile, drip coffee’s rich acidity and full-bodied mouthfeel make it a clear winner for those who love their coffee cold.

It also makes for great espresso beans.


  • Flavor: 8/10

  • Freshness: 8/10

  • Value for Money: 8/10

Partner’s Brooklyn Roast – Best Overall Coffee

Price: Amazon $15.53


  • Blend: Brooklyn Roast

  • Roast: Medium


  • A blend of beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras

  • Sweet and creamy flavor with low acidity

  • Notable notes of milk chocolate, dried fruit, and toffee


  • It might be too sweet for some

  • The flavor might be too mild for those who prefer darker roasted beans

The Partner’s Brooklyn Roast is our pick for the best overall coffee.

This blend incorporates beans from Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras, regions known for high-quality coffee with a sweet profile.

The result is a coffee that offers a sweet and creamy flavor with low acidity, featuring notable notes of milk chocolate, dried fruit, and toffee.

This coffee is perfect for the everyday drinker, making it my top pick for the best overall coffee.


  • Flavor: 9/10

  • Freshness: 8/10

  • Value for Money: 9/10

The Coffee Bean Connoisseur’s Guide: Choosing Your Perfect Brew

Choosing the perfect fresh coffee beans can seem daunting, but you can find your ideal match with a few considerations.

First, consider the coffee’s origin.

Ethiopian, Costa Rican, and Guatemalan origins are best in light roasts for a light and complex flavor profile, whereas darker roasts from Brazil, Kona, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Ethiopia are ideal for espresso.

Pay attention to the roast date and storage conditions to ensure you get good coffee beans.

Second, consider the roast level.

For a truly exceptional pour-over coffee experience, enthusiasts should consider selecting light, medium, or medium dark roasts.

Popular choices include beans from:

  • Kenya

  • Rwanda

  • Ethiopia

  • Colombia

Also, be sure to check the roast date on the bag and aim to consume coffee between 7 to 21 days after that date to ensure freshness.

Elevation and coffee processing methods like washed, natural, honey, or wet-hulled also contribute to diverse flavor profiles, offering notes ranging from:

  • fruits

  • chocolate

  • unique sweetness

  • earthiness

The Coffee Bean Connoisseur’s Guide: Choosing Your Perfect Brew

Ethically conscious consumers can look for fair-trade, organic, or Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees from responsible coffee producers.

If you want to be adventurous, consider trying rare beans like Liberica or Excelsa.

Remember, the desired caffeine strength and specific brewing methods could affect your choice.

Robusta coffees contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica, so keep this in mind if you’re watching your caffeine intake or considering Arabica coffee or Arabica coffee beans.

Finally, remember that the best coffee is the one you enjoy the most.

So go ahead, coffee lovers, experiment with different beans and brewing methods, and remember to savor each sip!


As we wrap up this aromatic tour of the best coffee beans of 2024, I hope you’ve discovered some new and exciting options to perk up your daily grind.

Remember, the best coffee is not just about the bean; it’s about the experience and the joy it brings to your mornings, afternoons, a little too late in the day for me (LOL), or whenever you crave that next cup.

Trust in this guide, crafted from countless tastings and a daily yearning for coffee, to lead you to your next exceptional brew.

Keep exploring, keep enjoying, and let every cup fill you with warmth and wonder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee the best?

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is considered the best due to its luxurious flavor, lack of bitterness, and ideal growing conditions in the cool hills of the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica.

Enjoy a cup and taste the difference!

Which coffee beans are considered the best?

The best coffee beans are usually Arabica beans, as they offer a sweeter and smoother taste than Robusta beans.

Some of the best-tasting Arabica coffee beans include Ethiopian Harrar, Tanzanian Peaberry, Panamanian Geisha, Sumatra Mandheling, and Hawaii Kona.

Which coffee is best for a light and complex flavor profile?

For a light and complex flavor profile, go with Ethiopian, Costa Rican, or Guatemalan coffee beans.

They are perfect for achieving that delicate and nuanced taste you’re looking for.

How long after the roast date should I consume coffee to ensure freshness?

Coffee should be consumed 7 to 21 days after the roast date for the best freshness.

After that, the flavor may start to decline.

How does the coffee’s elevation and processing method affect its flavor profile?

The elevation and processing method can create different flavor profiles in coffee, with varying notes such as fruits, chocolate, and sweetness.

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