Hi! I’m Kyle.

What’s up? I’m Kyle, just your coffee and SEO guy all wrapped up in one caffeinated package. AT (BKJ) bykylej.com, I’m all about blending my love of coffee and my interest in digital marketing, bringing you a mix of content and SEO services.

A Love for Coffee:

I started drinking with a simple morning pick-me-up before work. But soon, I realized it was more than just the caffeine—everything about coffee hooked me. Ever since I’ve been on a mission to learn everything about coffee. Whether it’s digging into the origins of unique blends or learning about the latest trends.

Why Coffee and SEO?

You might be wondering, what’s the backlink between coffee and SEO? Well, just like making a perfect cup of coffee requires skill and precision, mastering the ins and outs of SEO calls for a blend of creativity and technical savvy. As someone passionate about content marketing and SEO, I’m committed to honing my skills to help businesses thrive! If that interests you, contact me here!

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